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Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Reveals

DST have some sweet looking Marvel Select figures that’ll be released later this year.

As with all Diamond Select Toys appearances at Toy Fair and SDCC and such like they always have some new Marvel Select figures on display. We’ve seen the Psylocke and Sandman before and they both look absolutely fantastic and must-haves for me!

I knew we’d see some MCU figures such as the Endgame Hulk as that had been previewed before, The Iron Man from the same film was a new reveal and he looks fantastic. Though the biggest surprise for me was the PS4 Spider-Man game Spider-Man which looks absolutely fantastic.

As you can see each of the figures come with plenty of pictures, I know that you can’t see any accessories for the Spider-Man, though I’ve seen other images of the figure on display show the accessories to the side of him which includes interchangeable hands and web effects. As I missed out on the Marvel Legends one due to it’s limited availability I’ll definitely be getting this one as it looks fantastic and far superior to the Marvel Legends one.

We can now see the Sandman comes with loads of interchangeable arm pieces and they all look fantastic. I’m gonna have hard time deciding how I would want to display him that’s for sure!

These new images now confirm that head effect piece is a separate piece and can be used on either of the heads and that she comes with a slew of interchangeable hands. This is a must-have for me as I’m gradually building an X-Men Marvel Select team.

There’s no set release date for any of these figures though you can be sure they’ll all be released sometime later this year.

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