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  1. SMorrissey

    The hands & forearms aren’t new. They look to be re-used from the Wildcat figure that also had the taped hands (boxer’s tape) . this figure is AWESOME though! GREAT pics

  2. tyler

    This figure looks great! But I wouldn’t give the paint such a high score.
    The armour and wings are in 2 different shades of dull yellowish colours, instead of what I assumed to be gold as the character’s original colour.

    The paint jobs by most major toy makers, especially Hasbro, are such a disappointment.
    I’ll give an example. You remember how the dull plastic grey on Hasbro’s Megatron looked like?

    And that’s the leader class version too, the expensive version.

    Compare with this Voyager cheaper version, but repainted.

    And that’s how important a paint job is. Just like how a shade lighter would result in Ironman with pink panties.

    The coveted toys from the toy fairs in SE Asia aren’t those “exclusives” like those from SDCC for example, but repaints and real gorgeous ones too.

    Forgive me for ranting. I’m upset that such a nice figure didn’t deserve a nice paint job.

    • Nick

      I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say when you say “The armour and wings are in 2 different shades of dull yellowish colours”.

      All of the gold on the figure is the same color. The wings in my opinion make the figure really stand out. The paint job on them is truly outstanding. Something that you wouldn’t expect from a company like Mattel. They may have saved the paint score on the figure.

      I also didn’t factor in the QC issue into the score because that’s not going to be a widespread issue.

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