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    I was curious Nick, how do you determine if a space has too much light? What kind of light is best for displaying toys in (artificial vs. natural, white vs. yellow, dim vs. bright, etc.)? Any other advise on light? I only have toys that are max. 20 years old right now, but I was considering purchasing and displaying more vintage pieces, and since G1 Jetfire is on that list, my concern about sun/light-related damage has increased substantially. I also have kept some of the nicer packaging from my toys, and was wondering if you had by tips on displaying and storing them. Thank you for your time.

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      The only light you really need to worry about is sunlight. It will damage your figures in no time at all. You can put some artificial lights on your shelves, though I would just be careful that the lights you get aren't hot. Hot lights will melt, deform, and discolor your figures just like sunlight will.

      The main thing you want to worry about though is direct sunlight.

      For display you can use a bookshelf or a detolf (glass case with doors). The glass case will help keep dust off your toys so that you don't have to dust them so often.

      If you are just storing your figures then check out this article: http://www.actionfigurefury.com/collectors-guides

      After you put them in the bags then you can put them in big sealable plastic bins to keep them organized.

      Hope that helps.

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        Can i just ask out of interest but if they use plastic molds towards making the figures then how would heavy sunlight affect it? i mean i can understand that the color on them would dissolve and sort of deform like you said but this is my main question above. Thanks Nick

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          I can't find the picture anymore, but it will basically fade the paint, crack and dry out the plastic, and deform the figure.

          The picture that I saw was really crazy. Someone did an experiment with a figure that they didn't want anymore. They put it in their window for just 1 month and then took a look at it. The figure looked like it had been left outside for 25 years. That was only in the sun for 1 month!

          If you figures are in the package still then obviously the packaging would fade, and the blister would also crack and discolor.

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            So how do you deeply protect your toys from heavy and direct sunlight? Because it seems as these toys you're talking about are the cheap quality McDonalds one's i mean yeah because they are of cheap quality then i would see that as obvious quality that would easily with one touch from someone or anything then it would just fade the paint, crack and dry out of the plastic like you said but my top question is above if you collect the right toys as a collector and know they're of a good quality worth the money, then go for it as far as i'm concerned because the good toys are always worth the money and wait more than the odd typical toy you got and it broke! But thanks Nick for sharing all this

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