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Action Figure Display Tips

Today we are going to go over some action figure display tips. There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time setting up your action figures together for one  to just fall over and destroy everything. You must know that setting up a good action figure display takes preparation, hard work, and focus.


Before you start setting up your display you will want to find the perfect location to display them. You should take into account sunlight coming in the windows at various times of the day. You don’t want you action figures to be destroyed slowly. Also, look for a spot that won’t be terrible if your action figure decides to jump off the shelf.

Whatever location that you have chosen for your action figure display now you will need to pick the figures that are going to fit in that area. Pick figures that are different sizes and heights so your display will look more balanced. You can’t really make a good display if all your figures are the same height because many will be blocked by the figures in the front row.

It really doesn’t matter what figures you put together. You can put them together by line, manufacturer, or color schemes.

Action Figure Display Tips

The Set Up

It is a good idea that you set up your figures in an area that is the same size as your display area. A table would work just fine. Doing this will allow you to make sure everything fits how you want it. After you set your action figure display up on the table you will just have to transfer the figures to the display area. This is more important if you are putting your figures on a high shelf or in an area with limited space. You don’t want to drop you figures and have the break.

As you are setting them up you will want to start with the back row first so that you don’t knock the other figures down. It would be really helpful if you are completely relaxed so you don’t have shaky hands. As you go check the joints on the figures and take not if you have any loose joints that may collapse later. You can read this article if you need to tighten your action figure’s joints.

Now your all set. Enjoy your action figure display!

Do you have any other action figure display tips that I have left out?

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