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18 Inch Cherno Alpha Figure Coming From NECA This Fall

For a movie that didn’t do that well at the box office, the toys sure are flying off the shelf. They keep getting bigger too! Gipsy Danger was the first Jaeger to receive the 18 inch treatment, and now it looks like an 18 Inch Cherno Alpha figure is on the horizon.

The 18 Inch Cherno Alpha features even more detail than its 7″ counterpart. Created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of Pacific Rim, and then further perfected my the master sculptors in the NECA studio, Cherno Alpha looks even better than he did on-screen!

The sculpt isn’t the only eye-popping feature that is included on this figure. He also comes with a fantastic paint job that highlights a realistic weathering effect, 20 points of articulation and even LED lights just like Gipsy Danger.

Enlist the new 18″ Cherno Alpha to help fight to save humanity now. Pre-orders should be opening very soon for around $100 each.

18 Inch Cherno Alpha figure neca

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